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Our tips to BBQing

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Smokin’ ribs is an art form. The type of smoker, the woodchips that are needed; the timing of heat to smoke perfection that we love to eat. Our Owner and Executive Chef, Andrew Blake at the smoker and rubbing our ribs daily, we asked him what his 5 tips are to the perfect rib….

1. Source ribs with good meat coverage.
2. Remove the membrane from the back of the ribs so rub can penetrate properly.
3. Only use wood pellets or chips in the first 30 minutes in the Texan smoker. Any later or over-smoking can result in a bitter product.
4. Keep the smoker at a constant temperature around 250 degrees F and rotate ribs in the chamber to cook evenly.
5. Do not over cook.  Ribs should still have a firm texture and not fall off the bone.

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