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Joe’s Muffuletta

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When we were writing and researching our latest menu, we couldn’t go past putting on the New Orleans Muffuletta.

We have made a Joe’s version of the sandwich with layers of pastrami, mortadella, coppa, provolone, olives and mozzarella on a fresh ciabatta loaf.

The origins of Muffuletta comes from Central Grocery store in New Orleans. It was originated when Sicilian farmers would go to the store and order all the ingredients separately. Tusa, the owner of Central Grocery store recommended the workers put all the ingredients into a round Muffuletta bread loaf to make it easier to eat.

Joe’s Muffuletta
4-6 thin slices of each of pastrami, mortadella, coppa
2-3 thin slives of provolone
2-3 thin slices of mozzarella
thick layer of olive tapenade
fresh ciabatta loaf

Cut the ciabatta and spread the olive tapenade over the bottom of the loaf. Layer the pastrami, mortadella, provolone, coppa, mozzarella evenly.

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